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Dry Carpet Cleaning is a relatively new technology that solves an age-old problem with removing dirt from carpets.

Most carpet cleaners use a wet extraction system.  Water and a detergent is sprayed onto your carpets and then sucked back up into a tank by vacuum.  This sounds great, and it does work, but the big problem is that it leaves you with a damp carpet, sometimes for a day.  If all the dirt is not extracted with the water, then you can get a ‘soggy doggy’ smell in your home.  There is also a risk that with some carpet materials, overuse of water can result in shrinkage, pulling your carpet away from walls or joins.

The Dry System we use is a 5-stage process that uses safe solutions to get the same results, but without the risks, or leaving your carpet wet.  With DriNOW, you and your pets can walk on the carpet as soon as the van leaves the drive.

Firstly, we use our Sebo machine to remove surface dust, fluff, loose fibres and debris.

We then mist the carpets with a pet and environmentally safe encapsulate solution to grab the harder-to-shift dirt particles

A second solution is then used to release them from the fibres of the carpet. We are then leaving that to dwell for a few minutes while we prepare the agitation stage.

A dri-compound is used to absorb moisture and this is spread around, deep into the carpet pile, using our Agitator.

A final vacuum collects all the remaining dirt and compound, leaving your carpets looking clean, smelling fresh, pile restored and ready to walk on.

Check out the reviews for DriNOW to see what our customers think of the process.